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Lower Rose Creek Restoration Project (Modoc County, CA)

Rose Creek is a tributary to the Pit River on the Shaw Ranch, site of past restoration projects on the mainstem Pit River (Shaw Project) and upper Rose Creek watershed. The Lower Rose Creek work is designed to provide stability to one mile of stream channel immediately upstream of the Pit River confluence. Past management activities caused moderate to severe incision of the channel and desiccation of the surrounding meadow environment. The landowner and Pit RCD cooperated in facilitating the StreamWise restoration design.

The design and construction relies on a blend of numerous techniques to restore natural channel dimensions and floodplain access. Pond and plug, riffle augmentation, grade control structures, revegetation transplants, and juniper revetment methods were all used along the channel in appropriate reaches. The final result was a functional channel dimension and pattern that allows meadow access to flood flows and restores the natural stream processes that were lost following incisement.

Rose Ck - Gavin Poore, restoration tech. 8/12/2010

Juniper revetment prior to gravel 8/14/2010

Rose Ck riffle augmentation pre-gravel 8/14/2010

Rose Ck riffle augmentation w/ pool below 8/17/2010

Riffle augmentation post-gravel set 8/17/2010

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