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Edwards Creek Restoration (Churchill County, NV)

The Eastern Nevada Landscape Coalition teamed with the local landowner, USFWS and NDOW to support a project to stabilize over two miles of stream channel along a historic Pony Express route in central Nevada. Past channel alterations prior to the current ownership caused severe vertical incision in many areas. This creek is an important wildlife corridor and water source for many species. The deep incision, caused by historic channel alterations, resulted in desiccation of the surrounding meadow environment and subsequent loss of riparian diversity. Spring systems feed the channel at several points and offer a critical oasis to many desert species.

StreamWise developed a restoration plan using techniques from several past project designs. Since the incision of the channel varied greatly from point to point, several methods were called for to appropriately and effectively restore natural channel form and function. Pond and plug, riffle augmentation, pinion pine revetment, rock grade control, and floodplain enhancement were all applied at various points along the two-plus mile reach.

The resulting channel form closely mimics the historic dimension, pattern, and profile of the former channel, prior to disturbance. While the surrounding landscape was disturbed to facilitate the construction project, the rise in groundwater is expected to help in the native revegetation efforts.

Recent observations during a trip to repair a small erosion rill indicate that the riparian vegetation is recovering and groundwater elevations (as indicated by the pond levels) continue to rise.

Deep gully in former road location 11/18/2009

Edwards Ck ditch (gully initiation) pre-project 4/14/2009

Edwards incised ditch (early stages) 4/14/2009

Edwards gully (middle stage) pre-project 4/14/2009

Edwards deeply incised gully (later stages) 4/15/2009

Edwards Ck filled gully w/ brush cover 07/28/2010

Edwards Ck floodplain recovery 5/17/2010

Pinion set pre-grvl augmentation 11/12/2009

Post gravel placement for riffle augmentation 12/4/2009

Edwards Creek borrow pond 7/28/2010

Edwards Creek borrow pond 5/17/2010

Edwards Ck project review 7/28/2010

Edwards Ck spring flow 5/17/2010

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