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Bear Creek Meadow Restoration Project (Shasta County, CA)

The Bear Creek Meadow Restoration Project that was completed in 1999 continues to perform well as the meadow responds to the efforts to reconnect the channel and floodplain. Ongoing monitoring efforts were delegated to researchers at UC Davis during the 2004 season. Many aspects of the project are being evaluated with a focus on the project effects on groundwater interchange in the meadow.

A five year monitoring effort funded by the Cantara Trustee Council has been completed and indicates the concept of reconnecting the active stream channel with the historic floodplain elevation through use of "pond-and-plug" restoration techniques has been highly successful in meeting the objectives of the landowner and resource agencies.

Gully prior to restoration
Project field tour 5/24/2011

Gully prior to restoration
Design channel at bankfull flow 5/24/2011

Upper section of Channel
Upper section of Channel (Spring 2004).
 willow growth and floodplain recovery.
Transect D-4 showing willow growth and floodplain recovery (Spring 2004).
Low Flow 2004 runoff
Low flow during 2004 runoff.
Rock vane
Rock vane functioning to direct high-velocity core away from bank. (Spring 2004).

meadow tour with lush vegetation and stable channel

Meadow tour in spring of 2004.
Note lush meadow vegetation and stable channel.

Bear Creek Meadow Restoration Project 2009 Update - Completed in 1999, the project continues to be monitored for effectiveness of the “pond and plug” technique in restoring functional conditions to mountain meadow and stream channel ecosystems. UC Davis Researchers have also published results of intensive investigations into the dynamics of groundwater interchange following restoration of this type. Included below are recent photos of floodplain and channel vegetation recovery along the meadow.

Upper Section at Transect D1

June 2007. Upper section at transect D-1 with lush willow growth.

Riparian Recovery near mid-project

June 2007. Riparian recovery near mid-project.

Gully prior to restoration
Gully prior to restoration. 1998

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