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Ash Creek Wildlife Area - Adin, CA

This 17,000 acre site is owned and managed by CA Dept. of Fish and Game and is a highly productive waterfowl and migratory bird nesting habitat site in northern California.   The primary nesting habitat along Ash Creek has been negatively impacted by chronic gully erosion, a product of past agricultural practices prior to DFG purchase in 1986.

StreamWise has developed initial plans for restoration of the wetland resources by elimination of the gully systems.  The pond and plug method is recommended to erase 12.8 miles of gully channels.  This requires moving over 500,000 cubic yards of material from borrow ponds excavated along the gullies.  Project construction will create 150 acres of open water ponds and restoration of the historic ground water elevation across the 3000 acre wetland.

While much of the central wetland remains intact, gully extension at the upper and lower ends may connect within ten years at the current rate of extension.  This scenario is likely to severely impact the wetland vegetation and habitat value for greater sandhill cranes and a host of other wetland dependent species.

DFG and the Pit Resource Conservation District are currently working to secure funding and permits for the project.  Construction is proposed for Summer/Fall 2010.

Gully channel near mid-project.  2008

Central intact wetland reach.  2008

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